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Above all else, Quality of Experience. Grove Cannabis is a place to feel at home because we take pride in providing comfort to our neighbours. Created with love of cannabis in mind, Grove Cannabis is where class meets grass.

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With such an ever-changing industry, we have a different idea of what it means to be a dispensary. We think it’s important to take a more nostalgic approach and appreciate where we come from. That’s why Grove Cannabis is proud to bring a taste of nature to our shop and leave it to our competitors to look like spaceships.

381 Montreal Rd

Serving Vanier, 7-days-a-week

Please, enjoy our always up-to-date virtual menu and online ordering system. If you know what you want ahead of time, go ahead and click the shop button below to pre-order via our website. Your order will be packed immediately and will be ready for pick up when you arrive at the store. You can even place a pick-up order online while our physical store is closed – we’ll have it ready for you at 9am the following day!

If any customers require personalized treatment due to disability, or just straight up confusion with the internet, we will always take the time to ensure they are cared for properly. It is in our blood to offer friendly and kind service to anyone that chooses to shop at Grove Cannabis. Please, always take as much time as you need with us. You are never rushed in our house. Give us a call for any questions you may have about how we can be of assistance to your enjoyment of this magical plant.

We open every day at 9:00am. From Sunday to Tuesday, we close at 9:00pm. But on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – we support those late-night stoners and don’t close up shop until 10:00pm. We got you. Come hang out and keep the vibes flowing

Vanier, ON


Ensuring you have a safe and secure experience is one of our highest priorities. Our location is equipped with an active alarm system including full-scope high-definition security cameras. Each employee has passed a Level 2 Criminal Record Check and is certified by CannSell as per AGCO regulations. We also always have a manager on shift to help out, whether its process a return or calling a cab. Our staff is multi-faceted meaning that everyone is cross-trained to be able to perform each position in-house. We love serving you at the counter just as much as we enjoy opening the door for you as a warm and welcome greeting.

We pride ourselves on maintaining an extremely clean and tidy space. Daily cleaning routines are in place to provide a sanitary environment to the public. We disinfect highly touched surfaces regularly to reduce the build-up of bacteria. You can feel safe and smart shopping at Grove Cannabis!


We do not ID “mature” or elderly customers. They earned their right to cannabis after all these decades! However, all customers must be 19 years of age or older to enter our store. If you are under 25-years-old, or look under 25-years-old, you must provide valid Canadian government-issued photo ID. As per AGCO regulations, we are not legally permitted to accept a photo of your ID as proof of age. If you are from out-of-country, you may be required to show your passport. Foreign driver’s licenses will not be accepted. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to accept this form of identification.

The nitty-gritty: No minors are permitted to enter the store under any circumstances. No open beverages, weapons or dangerous objects are permitted in-store. There is a no-intoxication policy at Grove Cannabis. We do not allow foul language, harassment, or aggressive behaviour toward staff or customers. You may be denied entry and service if under suspicion of any of these circumstances. This is to keep everyone happy, comfortable, and safe!


We understand that we’re living in a strange world right now amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. For the safety of all those involved, our employees wear a face mask during the entirety of their time inside the store. We also request that customers wear a face mask during their in-store shopping experience. However, we will never force a customer to wear a mask who is medically-exempt nor will we request proof of their medical condition as it is unethical. When there is a mask-less customer present inside the store, we will always warn other customers prior to their entry to ensure they are aware. If they feel unsafe, they are more than welcome to wait until the mask-less customer exits the store. We kindly encourage separate parties to keep 6-feet from each other.

If you are young and forgot your ID, we may request that you pull your mask down to verify your age and get a better look! You may decline lowering your mask if you do not feel comfortable safety-wise. However, we may have to deny your entry until you are able to provide identification.

We have hand sanitizer readily available in the front and back of our store for customers to use during their shopping experience.

Ottawa, ON