The Scale

Our 3 price categories were designed to make picking your flower simple. Our Menu has been formulated and curated to ensure you never waste your money on unworthy budz. By carefully analyzing the flower on the market, we have narrowed our selection to ensure high quality and suit any budget.

Cannabis weed leaf

Luxury Haze

Our Luxury Haze cannabis includes flower at $40 and above, per 1/8th. This highly cultivated product selection is for the adventurous, the experienced, or for those who just like enjoying the finer things in life. Treat yourself to the highest quality offerings available.

Cannabis weed leaf

Midground Toker

Our Middle Ground Toker includes cannabis flower that falls between $30-$40, per 1/8th. This category is for the consumer who doesn’t mind paying a little more for bud of an even higher quality than the foundational flower.

Cannabis weed leaf

BUDget Smoke

Our BUDget smoke category includes flower that is $30 or under, per 1/8th. Don’t be fooled by the lower cost though we have curated our BUDget selection to be the best bang for your buck. The cost may be low, but the quality is high.