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Box Hot

Say hello to Boxhot, where their motto is: “We Make Good Sh*t.
Somewhere in a quaint town in Southwestern Ontario, is a small, but
passionate team who provide the market with big flavour, big
innovation, and big quality products. They take dreaming big to a
whole new level. Whether you are looking to hotbox your smoke spot
with a flavourful blunt, tasty quality distillate vape, or maybe a good
bowl hoot or roll of your own, you can do it all with Boxhot.

Partnered with Motif Labs, they aim to produce some of the best
formulated and quality product of the highest degree available today.
Having learned abroad from some of the leading professionals in the
extraction industry, their team is well trained and equipped to produce
some of the leading quality extracts offered in the market today.
Scroll down to learn more about these quality products, all available
at The Grove Cannabis!


BoxHot Fatties

These Premium 1-gram pre-rolls are meticulously injected in the
center of the blunt, ensuring an even burn and a consistent oil
distribution throughout the blunt.
The Cherry Kush Blunt is premium rolled blunt, filled with the classic
cross of Purple Afghani & OG Kush, and filled with their Cherry Kush
Vape Distillate, expect big flavours on this one!
The Couch Lock Kush Blunt is a 3:1 CBN to THC ratio, a great
choice to unwind and do exactly as the name says get couch locked.
With terpenes hitting 5%, you’ll be slapped with strong sweet aromas
of blueberry.
The Trifecta of Blunt Smoking Power is a 3 pack of 1 gram blunts,
all individually infused with three of their original distillates favlours:
Cherry Kush, Alien OG, and, Peach OG. You’ll have family and friend flocking to you like moths to a flame when you pull this Trifecta out at
the next social gathering.


The Vapes

These Vape cartridges are B-I-G, and they mean business.
Boasting a whopping 1.2G vape, these powerhouses offer big flavour.
Built with a large mouthpiece, allowing you to get those big full flavour
hits. Available in Alien OG, Peach OG, Cherry Kush, and their brand-
new Mystery Falvah all here at The Grove for under $50 Pre-tax.
Come by and get your hands on one, that is, if they can manage hold
these monsters!
*Disclaimer* Due to the size of these Cartridges, compatibility may
vary on the battery you use, ask our budtenders if your battery will be
compatible with your current battery.


The Glow Sticks

Look, if you are going to Hotbox your room, be a responsible
adult, and bring something to help you see your way out. The Glow
Sticks are Boxhot’s own vape battery that boasts 3 times the capacity
power in the battery than the competition. That’s 3 times the power, 3
times the flavour, and 3 times the vape off each pull. Adjustable
temperature, 650 mAh power, and pre heat function and compatible
with all other 510 cartridges. Charges by Micro-USB so you can toke
large while you let it charge! Available for $30, get your day lit with a
glow stick.


Busted Nugz (30 gram pre-milled)

We all know the legal federal limit is 30 grams, so why max out
that cart in one easy purchase. To make things even easier, its
already ground, busted, and ready to be rolled in that paper or packed
in that bowl you have eagerly waiting a flowery friend. Each bag is
loaded with 30 grams of Cherry Haze, pre-ground for your
convenience. At a little over $100, come by and try a new pre-milled


Space Waste Pop-Rocks

This is not your children’s candy. Mom & Dad have an inner child
that needs to play as well, let it out with Space Waste. 10mgs of THC
infused in a bag of flavourful popping candy. Eat them as is, or use it
as a topping on your favourite whipped dessert. Available in a Blue
Razz Shocker or Lunar Lemon-Lime for only $7.
Go big or go home, come experience quality, flavour and innovation
with Boxhot, all above listing available at The Grove. Come in today,
and get Hotboxing with Boxhot.